WipArt Exhibit

Description: WipArt Exhibit presented 13 established artists showcasing some of their finest pieces at the Cotton Factory on November 30. The exhibit also had the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra string quartet playing to create a serene atmosphere. Also at the event were art pieces in working progress to demonstrate the artist's talent and their dedication to their craft.

Start Time: November 30th, 2018 at 12:00am
End Time: November 30th, 2018 at 9:00pm
Location: The Cotton Factory
Address: 270 Sherman Avenue North

City: Hamilton
Province: ON
Postal Code: L8L 6N4

Website: www.wipartexhibit.ca/
WipArt Exhibit - Marie, Henry, Jordyn, Ian & Andrew Marie, Henry, Jordyn, Ian & Andrew WipArt Exhibit - Ian MacIntyre Ian MacIntyre WipArt Exhibit - Jane Warner Jane Warner WipArt Exhibit WipArt Exhibit - Helen, Lachlann & Ian Helen, Lachlann & Ian WipArt Exhibit - Shuka, Lisa & Michelle Shuka, Lisa & Michelle WipArt Exhibit - Loretta Meyer Loretta Meyer WipArt Exhibit WipArt Exhibit - Julie, Elaine & Tom Julie, Elaine & Tom WipArt Exhibit - Frances Ward Frances Ward WipArt Exhibit - Philharmonic Orchestra String Quartet Philharmonic Orchestra String Quartet WipArt Exhibit - Amanda Hammill Amanda Hammill